Monday, November 30, 2009

Thirty-Nine and Thankful

We were away for Thanksgiving, so I didn't see two of the nicest expressions of thanks until we got back late yesterday.

The first was a jar of homemade cranberry sauce that my almost four year-old made with her class at school. I'm not sure we'll ever eat the cranberry sauce, but that wasn't the best part. Attached with a piece of ribbon was a water-colored card with a note, dictated by my daughter and written by the teacher,

"Dear Mom, Dad, and L.,
I am thankful when Mama goes to the store and buys me popsicles. I love you very much. Love, S."

Next, was a letter addressed to me and my husband, with my seven year-old's name and school address in the upper left hand corner. "Dear Mom, Dad, and S.," began this letter - much longer than her sister's - that expanded upon all the things she's thankful for - from her family, to food, to God.

So, if a three year-old and a seven year-old can take a moment to express their gratitude, so can I.

I am thankful for:

A wonderful husband who is supportive in a very practical way
Two beautiful, kind daughters
Healthy parents who live nearby and are fun to be around
Great relationships with extended family
Good friends
My health
My home
My job
Everyday beauty that feeds my soul
And so, so, so much more...


  1. Hi! Your blog is great!
    According to L, I am thanksful for hockey :) You have wonderful daughters, it was fun to see you all last week!

  2. Hi - I am thankful to be your best friend!


    oh, and I love the blog!!!!!