Thursday, November 5, 2009

Even Inanimate Objects Celebrate Their 40th Birthdays

The Internet turned 40 last week, Sesame Street turns 40 next week...heck, even the Big Mac celebrated the whopper of all birthdays a few years back.

If inanimate objects can have a fabulous 40th birthday, well, so can you.

I wonder if anyone has ever had their 40th birthday party at McDonald's. That would be kind of fun if you could rent one out -- I wonder if the franchise contract would allow a franchisee to do that...and serve alcohol. Otherwise, forget it.


  1. Hey Kris! Here's a link to for the mushroom:

    Hope you enjoy trip down memory lane! Thanks for visiting me.

  2. The big 4-0 is a breeze--it is all uphill from here honey!:)

  3. Love the blog! I'll be sure to send the link to my husband so he can gather lots of ideas over the course of the next 12 mos as he plots and plans something truly spectacular and wonderful for my big day (November 13, 2010). Ha!!!

    As for renting out McD's...not sure about the alcohol part, but I did just throw my aforementioned dear husband an alcohol-infused surprise bowling party for his 50th b-day. It was a blast...remember bowling parties when you were a kid? It was just like that, except no one cried when they bowled a strike, the shoes are much nicer, and people did shots between games. The hardest part was figuring out a way to get him to the bowling alley--we're not exactly Saturday night regulars at the lanes! A mock invite to a "fundraiser" did the trick.

    I of course am holding out for something much more civilized and sophisticated for the big 4-0, so KC...keep the suggestions coming!

  4. Eileen -
    I love the bowling surprise 50th! Let us know if you're willing to share a few photos, along with the mock invite to the fundraiser - I'd love to include it on the blog! Who knows, after this, maybe you two will become Saturday night regulars! Great idea and thanks for stopping by!