Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fab 40 Definition # 42: Forty-tude

Forty-tude (for-tee-tud)noun: a certain attitude that women (and some men) rarely acquire before their fortieth birthday.

Do you have forty-tude yet? If you find yourself saying any of the following, you might:

- "I don't really give a shit what (you, she, he) think(s)"
- "What are they gonna do? Fire me?"
- "No. I can't be the Benefit chair/bake 12 dozen cupcakes/attend another meeting I don't want to go to/travel 10 hours in holiday traffic to see my in-laws."

Forty-tude is about finally getting your priorities straight and saying, I'm not going to spend one more minute doing things solely because someone else wants me to do them and I feel obligated.

Forty-tude is life, your way...with a few compromises thrown in, but not too many.

Do you have forty-tude? Sometimes? Always? Never?

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