Saturday, November 14, 2009

40: Capture the Moment

Who are you...right now? Cindy over at Serious Play captured a moment in time with this cool memento. She keeps it simple, with three lists of what she always, sometimes, and never does at 40.

If I had to name a few...

I always: Have a cough, Enjoy planning celebrations, Wish I could be more patient with the girls, Talk to my mom a couple of times a week, Like going to Anthropologie for inspiration, Have "date night" every Thursday.

I sometimes: Walk to the beach on the weekend, Find great deals at Marshall's/Home Goods, Like playing Apples to Apples or Scrabble with the kids, Watch Brothers & Sisters, but am annoyed that it is getting too over-the-top.

I never: Keep up with my own doctors' appointments, Can find my Metro Card when I need to take the bus in a hurry or in the rain, Like it when the kids scream, even when they're having fun.

Twenty or forty years from now, a little time capsule like this will be fun to look at...what would yours say now? Is it different than it would have been at 30? At 20?

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