Monday, February 1, 2010

Turning-40-Quote #1

We are always the same age inside. -- Gertrude Stein

Do you agree with that? My mom says she feels exactly the same way inside as she did when she was 25. My grandmother-in-law, the fabulous Sally (who is deserving of her own post) says the same thing. "I feel the same things, think the same things, I don't feel different at all."

I think I agree...but "25" wouldn't be my number. I'd pick "30" as my baseline....what about you? What do you think?


  1. Interestingly enough, as I began to read your blog, I focused on the date 1970. It was then that I realized, I will be turning 40 in two years! How is that possible? In my mind and heart, I am still on my way to 30, not 40! I guess the only calming side effect to this realization, is the possibility of having my own 40th GALA EVENT! Maybe it's time to begin dropping hints to my hubby, Christian (I only have two short years to begin planning!)

  2. I'd pick 30 as my baseline. I wanted always to be 30 and once I was it was great. 31 was torture... However I'll say my 40s are none to shabby and I have the added mental benefit of feeling like, "I'm 40 something and liberated; I am wearing purple and red or jeans to work in the middle of the week or let my arm flab fly!"

  3. I have always loved that quote by Gertrude Stein. It's printed on one of those square black and white birthday cards, which I have sent to many a friend on their special day.

    Agree with your mother...the number of years gone by never seems to diminish the thought that inside all is unchanged. I can still feel so many experiences of the different stages of my life as if they just happened. Perhaps that phenomenon is what truly keeps us young at heart!

    As for baselines, I like the 8's. Could have stayed at 28, 38, 48, and, as 58 inches ever so close, my wish as I blow out the candles will be that 58 can be the baseline that sticks!!!

  4. Jenni - You should definitely have a gala! With your creativity, it would be the tops!

  5. Beth - That's "Forty-tude" you're talking about -- see prior post! It's a great feeling.

  6. FVL - A high school pal of mine makes those cards...Quotable Cards. Love them!

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