Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Fabulous 40th Birthdays to A Few College Friends...

If I was tech savvy enough to add music to this blog, you'd be hearing the pulsing beat of "another one bites the dust" right about now. Just for fun.

Happy Fabulous 40th Birthday Shout Outs to...

Jim (February 12) -- My favorite Jim moment may be when we drove from Washington, D.C. to New York City to see Saturday Night Live. We stopped by the Oak Bar at the Plaza Hotel, and Jim ordered a Manhattan, just because he was in Manhattan. I loved that. The scariest part is that was 20 years ago!!

Vanessa (February 13) -- More than 20 years ago, Vanessa lived across the hall from me in our freshman dorm. One of our rituals was dancing in the hall to Tone-Loc's Wild Thing (or possibly Funky Cold Medina). I also recall that we once went on a double date at The Tombs with two graduate students. Now we run into each other in the mornings after school drop-off.

Jason (February 14) -- I've lost touch with Jason, but once I know someone's birthday, it's hard for me to forget it. Jason was always a voice of reason and maturity in a sea of crazinesss.

Happy Fabulous 40th Birthday Friends!

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