Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outrageous 40th Birthday Wish #2: India Hicks' House

As you may recall, Outrageous 40th Birthday Wish #1 was Peace - not world peace, just a peaceful household. But if that doesn't work out and the rot gut takes hold, I have a PLAN B...and that's where Outrageous 40th Birthday Wish #2 comes in: rent India Hicks' house on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

For years, I have had my eye on this house -- actually two homes: The Cricket Pavilion, which sleeps four and rents for $5400 per week, and The Guest House at Hibiscus Hill, which sleeps eight and rents for $9100. The rental description says that you can "throw an ice cube from the deck and hit the beach."

The interiors are clean, white, and breezy, with beachy touches like palm trees and old globes and white painted birdcages. Photos show plentiful fresh fruit, inviting outdoor eating spaces, an alluring path down to the private beach. I've clipped every image over the years and put it in my "style file."

I think I'm sucked into the whole India Hicks lifestyle. You know who she is, right? The willowy blonde with the year-round tan (and no wrinkles to pay for it), former model, interior designer, Top Design judge? She's been sharing her island lifestyle with magazines for so many years that Crabtree & Evelyn finally turned it into a product line: India Hicks Island Living.

I think part of me imagines that booking a vacation at India's house will miraculously transform my winter white skin to a buttery caramel color, and send all by troubles packing as I mindlessly throw ice cubes at the sand. I'll eat bananas, and sip coconut milk from the shell, wearing a wide brimmed straw hat, gazing at the sea, without a care in the world. I may also finally get my much needed inspiration and write a novel during this fantasy vacation week. (Lesson learned: if you're ever renting out your home, ask a beautiful model to pose for pictures in it and have them taken by a fashion photographer.)

Of the two homes, The Cricket Pavilion is the one I think might work out best. They don't allow children to stay there. As I said, I think this is the one that might work out best.

It's an Outrageous 40th Birthday Wish...but who knows, it just might come true (some of it, anyway.)

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