Saturday, December 5, 2009

Never Too Old for Santa

As you might guess from this blog, I love celebrations and Christmas is a big one for me.

I work near Christmas Central -- nope, not Bethlehem or the North Pole, but Rockefeller Center. Run out for a salad at lunch and you're pulled into a throng of tourists walking too slow, with cameras strapped around their necks and little girls in matching dresses carrying American Girl dolls with more matching dresses. All day long, the jingle of a Salvation Army worker's bell never relents, and if you want to catch a taxi at the end of the day, forget it.

But guess what? I love it!

As I approach my 40th Christmas, I'm as excited by the countdown to Christmas as ever. A little stressed, admittedly, about all that needs to get done between now and then, but as my mom says, "you always get it done." So, no amount of work, travel or responsibilities can get me down. I've got the Christmas spirit.

On Thursday night, I was walking past Radio City Music Hall and as I reached the stage door, it opened! Out came one long, shiny, glittery pair of legs, followed by another (the Rockettes!!!!) and following these two was...Santa!!! I kid you not when I tell you that my heart skipped a beat a little! What a sighting.

Can't wait for my 40th Christmas!

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