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More Things I Don't Want for My 40th Birthday Party: A Roast

Roast Pig

Toast me, yes. Roast me, please no!

On my 40th Birthday, or really any day of my life, I really only want to hear the good things you have to say about me. I'm well-aware of my shortcomings, I don't need them handed to me, gift-wrapped in jokes.

But comedians seem to be a different breed - take Bill Chott (pronounced cot) of Wizards of Waverly Place fame, who actually HOSTED his own 40th birthday roast last summer and then invited the general public to come witness his beating by the comedic community.(Hopefully he made a couple of bucks.) The press release promises the event to be "raunchy."

Again, different strokes...

Bill seems like a nice enough guy - one of his roasters was kind enough to point out that "his heart, like his ass, is a triple XL." But I'll take my compliments without the comedy, thanks.

What about you? Would you want to be roasted or toasted?



PR Log (Press Release) – Jun 18, 2009 – PRESS RELEASE June 18, 2009

Disney Celebrity Hosts XXX Rated Roast!

Bill Chott, a St. Louis Native Celebrity presents his 40th Birthday Roast, an adults-only event.

St. Louis, MO Thursday, June 18, 2009 –

Bill Chott, one of the stars of the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly place will hold his 40th Birthday Party Roast on Saturday, June 27th at The Improv Trick Comedy Underground at 2715 Cherokee Street. Doors will open at 9pm.

He’s known for his work in Disney film and TV, as well as family films like the top ten film The Ringer where he played Thomas, the Special Olympian who brings home the bronze. But just like Bob Saget, he has a dark side and so do his funniest comedy friends.

Chott worked at The Second City with such comedy luminaries as Tina Fey, Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert. They can’t make it in for this event on Cherokee, but his funniest St. Louis friends, performers and local celebrities will be ripping him a new one for his 40th birthday. This event will be every bit as raunchy as a Friar’s Club or Comedy Central roast and it’s open to the public for only $8.

"I moved from St. Louis originally in 1992, and I knew I was saying goodbye to some of the funniest undiscovered talent here in St. Louis” said Chott. “When I decided to move back and split my time between St. Louis and LA, I discovered some great new talent as well. Some of the best comics in town will be out on this night to rake me over the coals, and I’m shaking in my boots!

Roastmasters will include an international comedy pioneer and MTV's Spring Break host. Marc Pruter, founder of The Big Stinkin' International Comedy Festival will serve as The Roastmaster, MTV Spring Break's BJ "Honkey" Lange will be Assistant Roastmaster.

Donny Blake, famous in St. Louis for his quirky Southwest Bank commercials will be on hand to shield Chott from misfired jokes, comedy jabs and F&@ing insults.

For Ticket Resservations, call 314-922-1998 or visit

About The Improv Trick:

The Improv Trick was founded by Bill Chott, star of The Ringer, Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place, Saturday Night Live and countless cartoons and television shows. Improv Trick improvisers perform and teach improv to individuals, corporations and groups all over St. Louis including weekly shows at both The Stable and The Improv Trick Comedy Underground

Chott is a 1987 Ritenour Graduate.


Marc Pruter, producer and Chief Scapegoat
The Improv Trick

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