Saturday, March 13, 2010

If You Know This TV Show, You Must Be Almost 40

A few weeks ago, a good friend of ours visited and brought along a little present for our girls: a DVD of the Magic Garden.

Do you remember the Magic Garden? Carole and Paula, pigtailed and bell-bottomed in early 70s splendor, sitting and singing in a magic garden where the daisies told jokes (the Chuckle Patch), a pink squirrel named Sherlock talked, and the tree bore gifts?

(Side note: freshman year, my friends and I dressed up as the Chuckle Patch for Halloween. Green sweaters with jokes pinned on them, daisy headdresses. I don't think freshman girls do that anymore - I think it's all about being sexy rather than clever, funny, or nostalgic...but I digress.)

My girls, with a little prodding, said the requisite thanks, but honestly I wasn't thinking they'd like it much, with things like Sponge Bob, Jimmy Neutron, Saddle Club, and Flight 29 Down (sort of a LOST for the Tween set) as competition. But lo and behold, the girls (4 and almost 8) are both mesmerized, proving that calmer, simpler, and nicer still have their allure in this world (I just looked at the tagline on the DVD box and it says, "Classic Television for Today's Children.")

Either that or Carole and Paula are hypnotizing them with their psychedelic folk-songs. Whatever works.

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