Thursday, January 21, 2010

40th Birthday: Back to School

I recently met a great lady on a plane trip, who I am adding to my collection of "people I met on the plane and kept in touch with." We've seen each other once since our initial meeting and it was like seeing an old friend.

She's hard-charging, high-powered, but also really creative and seemingly as into celebrations as I am. She was kind enough to share a great real 40th birthday party with I just have to bug her for the pictures!

Here it is...a Surprise 40th Birthday party for one of her female relatives. The ruse was she and her husband were going to dinner, so she was not all frumped out - she was looking pretty and ready for a night out on the town...when lo and behold, the doorbell rings.

It's her Dad. Dressed in a Bus Driver's uniform. And behind him is a School Bus. Filled with people hanging out of the windows with masks of her own face. They put down the masks and yell, surprise! It's all of her friends and family!

She hops on the bus with her husband, and with her dad at the wheel, off they go! From what I recall, there were a couple of stops along the way including a drive-in-movie-theater that I think they got kicked out of. The final destination was a great local bar, where everyone had a good old time!

How fun. I was thinking it would be a great 40th Birthday surprise for a teacher or someone headed back to school for a degree.

Thought I'd share it with you!


  1. It wasn't a 40th, but for my friends 30th, his wife threw him a surprise party. When he walked in we all had cutouts of his face on sticks, except for one friend who wore a Darth Vader mask (Harrison's favorite movie).

    I am all for a good party bus! Sounds fun.

  2. Great post. I love "plane people"!!

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